Colleen Chapman

Vice President, Global Social Impact



As vice president of Global Social Impact, Colleen Chapman drives the Starbucks global social impact agenda and stakeholder engagement efforts. She ensures Starbucks long-term responsibility strategy integrates the company’s values and strengths into business strategy, allowing us to address the expectations of key stakeholders and advocacy interests. Colleen is committed to Starbucks leadership in sustainability, and oversees the company’s innovative programs on green building, recycling, energy, and food donation. In addition to developing and evolving the sustainability programs and policies that deliver on Starbucks global social impact strategy and goals, Colleen guides the company’s external narrative and reporting through the annual Global Social Impact Report.

Colleen joined Starbucks in 2001, originally holding leadership roles across the Brand Marketing organization. As director of Ethos Water – which dedicates a portion of each purchase to fund water programs in coffee growing regions around the world – she oversaw the brand strategy which has resulted in $12 million in grants to date to programs addressing access to clean water. During her tenure, she has worked and supported key programs across the company’s Global Social Impact agenda including the FoodShare program, an innovative partnership with Feeding America in the U.S., which ensures Starbucks is able to donate 100% of eligble food to local food banks.  

Prior to joining Starbucks, Colleen led Advertising and PR activities at Nordstrom Inc. for 14 years.

Colleen is a graduate of the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. Colleen is a member of the Aspen Institute’s Business and Society program, a member of the ADL Glass Leadership Institute and on the grant review committee for the IYF Global Youth Action Network.

Colleen’s favorite coffee is Starbucks Ethiopian Sidamo.