Gregory Castle

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Best Friends Animal Society


One of the founders of Best Friends Animal Society, Gregory Castle now serves as the CEO of Best Friends. For more than 25 years, Gregory has been a key leader in animal welfare, as well as a voice of reason and reconciliation among grassroots rescue groups, animal shelters and national animal organizations.

Gregory created No More Homeless Pets in Utah, a campaign involving animal welfare and rescue organizations, animal control officers, veterinarians, schools, and animal lovers from across the state in aggressive spay/neuter, adoption and public awareness programs. Now merged with Best Friends, the campaign is called Best Friends Animal Society–Utah, and Utah is on the verge of achieving no-kill for the entire state.

The campaign is a model for cooperative efforts in the humane community throughout the country.

Since being appointed CEO of Best Friends in 2009 the organization has more than doubled its annual revenues and as well as its workforce, which is now 750 nationwide.

Gregory grew up in England and is a graduate of Cambridge University with a master’s degree in philosophy and psychology. His background includes extensive administrative and accounting work for nonprofit human services and church organizations.