Lanae Spruce

Manager of Social Media and Digital Engagement


Lanae Spruce leads the award-winning social engagement team at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

In her role as Manager of Social Media and Digital Engagement and Acting Web Content Manager, she works to bring participatory experiences to the Museum’s virtual visitors. Through social campaigns like #HiddenHerstory and #APeoplesJourney, the team highlights the American experience through the African American lens. She is working to build the museum’s digital presence to foster learning, creativity and shared discovery as a means to transform our understanding of the African American experience, American history, race, and modern society.

Spruce holds a master’s degree in Internet Marketing and is a curious creative interested in opportunities to connect the intersections of technology, social justice, race, and history. You can keep up with her by following @_blackmuses.